Peach Fitness App

Peach felt the need to provide people the opportunity to express themselves through exercise, beyond the borders of an indoor gym. By connecting training enthusiasts with passionate instructors. Peach is now on the verge on turning the world into a recreational playground.


The inital tought for Peach was to enable instructors to be independent, cut out the middleman and let the instructors do what they do best, based on their own vision and terms.

By removing the need for a gym membership, Peach offers its users the freedom to work-out when they can aswell as only paying for the service when they are actually using it.


By developing the Peach app and taking a crucial part in the companies marketing, we set out to make Peach a new household name in the world of fitness and exercise.

Since the world shifted because of the pandemic more and more people have started exploring the endless possibilites of exercising outdoors. We believe that Peach is your perfect companion to guide you to your next training adventure.


Exercise and fitness have for too long been dependant on location and indoor space. By enabling people to exercise wherever and whenever they want, Peach is able to offer its users complete freedom.
Exercise should not be a hassle, it should be euphoric